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Thank you very much to all the teams who attended our Golf Am Am 2017 at the Hull Golf Club, it was a beautiful day – we were very fortunate with the weather. We raised £3,985 on the day and these funds will go towards our Child Welfare and Clothing grants during the summer. Here are some photographs of the day:

Golf AM AM 2017 Golf AM AM 2017 Golf AM AM 2017 Golf AM AM 2017

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Who are the Sailors Children’s Society?

Sailors’ Children’s Society was originally formed in 1821 and is a national charity that provides support to children whose parent has made a living at sea or on the inland canals and rivers. We help mariners from fishing fleets, Merchant Navy and Royal Navy families including ferries, tankers, cruise ships and cargo boats.

Our aim is to let each child of a seafarer achieve their full potential and not be disadvantaged by family circumstances. Families come to us usually after a traumatic event such as loss, bereavement, diagnosis of a terminal illness or abandonment leaving a lone parent to bring up a child. In some cases we also provide support 2 parent families including grandparents who have served on the water and are bringing up their grandchildren.

We currently help over 450 children and young people throughout the United Kingdom on our Child Support Scheme.

Our support includes:

• Child Welfare Grants – paid monthly to each child to help
pay for day to day children’s living costs.

• Clothing Grants – paid twice a year to each child for school
uniforms and winter clothing.

• Special Grants – these are paid on an adhoc basis to help
towards educational trips or essential children’s items.

• Christmas Grant – a small grant paid to each child to ensure
everyone gets a gift at this special time of year.

We also offer each of our families the opportunity to have a week away at one of the nine caravans owned by the Society which are all based at Haven Holiday Centres. We include activity passes and travel grants to ensure each child can take part in holiday activities. Over 230 children get the benefit of a holiday each year.

The money raised at Golf AM AM 2017 has definitely contributed to the Child Welfare and Clothing grants for the summer of 2017. Thanks again!